Our Story

Since his childhood, Keith Garrett has had an eye for entrepreneurship. Born and raised in Watts, CA Keith started his entrepreneurship journey early, creating his own candy business during his years at Gomper Middle School. After graduating as Valedictorian from the Maxine Waters Development Preparation Center, Keith decided to pursue his entrepreneurial pursuits through “street” methods. This changed when Keith came to the personal revelation that he had more to offer this city and than what he was currently doing. He prayed to God for an answer and God spoke to Him, encouraging him to continue with something he’s known his entire life, business ownership.

Once Keith decided to turn his life around, he opened up a local candy house. This candy house was a safe location in the city where both children and adults can revel in some of their favorite snacks and treats. While in the shop one afternoon, one of Keith’s friends jokingly suggested he sell other items besides convenience store snacks. The idea sparked something in Keith and he decided to pursue getting his license to make food on-site. This is where AFNG was born.

Since it’s opening AFNG has received tremendous success. AllFlavorNoGrease has seen more than 100M video views across social media through engaging videos of the food and inspirational messages. Keith and his famous quesadillas were recently featured on KTLA-TV (Los Angeles). His client list includes such celebrities as Matt Barnes (NBA All-Star), Shaunie O’ Neal (Basketball Wives LA) and Bow Wow/Shad Moss. AFNG has also been a major player at such events as:

  • OozeFest 50000+ in attendance over 2 days
  • Matt Barnes Charity event 3,500 in attendance
  • The Block Urban Gastronomy Experience 5000+ in attendance

AFNG continues to promote Food, God, and Positivity everyday not only through yummy clips on social media but by setting its eyes on the future. AFNG looks forward to give weekly cooking lessons to the children in the Watts and surrounding communities, owning several food trucks – helping promote job growth in the city and starting an AFNG franchise from restaurants to merchandise. The future continues to get bigger and brighter for AFNG. Through national recognition of the their food, partnering with tastemakers and influencers, non-profit organizations for charity events and by keeping the community engaged and entertained by his recognized slogan, “See ya on the ocho,” AllFlavorNoGrease is a brand that is on the rise.